~ for the humans who are passionate about their work and themselves!


Before you jump in, we want you to know that working with us means that you're more interested in a long-term career versus a short-term pit-stop. Our home is sacred, and if we're inviting you to join our team, we're also inviting you into the lives of women with whom you'll have a great impact.  

Before we dive into the characteristics of the person we're looking for, we just want to say that if you're in this line of work, amazing! We're so happy you've found something you love and will continue to do no matter what. 

We work with hundreds of women every year, all struggling with their confidence, body, anxiety, depression, nourishment, food, stress and overwhelm. We are not just interested in helping these women physically, but mentally, too. 


We have established the exact platform to integrate high-level performance (for all levels) and personal development (including emotional, spiritual and mental support via programs) thanks to our founder, fellow coach and life mentor, Ellen.  


Working with us is an opportunity for you to become an elite personal trainer and/or coach that possess the skills to also support her clients on a mental, physical and emotional level. 


We're currently looking for ONE woman to join our team as a Strength & Conditioning Coach or Qualified Personal Trainer. This role will be acquired casually on a trial basis for 12-weeks in which time you will be given the opportunity to show us how passionate you are about your work. It is expected that you will use this time to grow your client base, engage with our community, and put yourself on the path to a full-time career (with our support and unconditional love). Following your trial period, with all things aligning well, we'll be offering a Permanent Part-Time Position to you, so you can begin building your full-time career. This is unheard of in the fitness industry, and we're excited to be stepping out of old paradigms. 

You will be teaching small-group Strength & Conditioning classes, working with personal training clients, programming for your clients, facilitating a beautiful experience for both your clients and our members, and working within a small team of female coaches. 

You will be given all the tools you need to do this exceptionally however it is expected that you have experience working in a gym-community and environment, lifting weights and teaching multiple people at one time. 

It is a requirement that you can design, read, lead and explain (in-depth), a warm-up, training session and cool-down.


It is also a requirement that you can program for progression, and offer regressions and modifications as needed. 


You can't help but share your personal/life experiences, perspectives and knowledge because you're so passionate about what you've overcome, learned and experienced through your own personal journey. 

You love to teach and give people great experiences. 

You enjoy moving your body and are an advocate for exercise and wellness. 

You speak your truth, ask for help and are eager to learn, educate and support yourself and others.


You actively participate in your own personal development practices and it is your intention to lead with an open mind and heart. 

You embody a healthy relationship with yourself, and this doesn't exclude your personal struggle or hardship. You're aware that struggle is part of it, and are most interested in personal responsibility and liberating yourself. 

You have the emotional maturity to support yourself and this is what drives you to naturally support the ladies you work with every day. 


Your passion for health, wellness and fitness is polarising and you have developed fun, creative and empowering ways to lead, transform and make a difference for your clients and people.

You have the ability to receive all kinds of feedback and work exceptionally well in a team environment. 

You want a space to air your visions, dreams and ideas and get to work on them ASAP. 

And lastly, you're aware of what is required by you to build your career into one that offers financial prosperity. This includes long hours, split shifts, planning, marketing, building your skills, and asking for what you need to get there. 

If this speaks to you, we insist you submit an application asap!

It would be a privilege to read about you and what your mission is with your work. 

Please complete the form below and submit your application by February 28th.  

We appreciate you,

Team Mind & Body.



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