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"Since joining I have never looked back. I’ve always had gym memberships but lacked motivation to go but with MBM I hate missing a day and it’s the most consistent I’ve ever been in my life. It’s the most amazing supportive environment in terms of the people you train with and the people training you.  Joining two years ago was the best thing I’ve ever done!!"

Jessica M.

"Joining Ellen has been without a doubt the most significant and life changing decision I have made to date. I didn't expect that I would be joining a group of women who would so quickly become my Newcastle family. I have never seen another place individualise the way MBPN do. There is absolutely no where else I’d rather go"

Rebecca B.

"It's such a daunting experience taking the first steps towards being a healthier, happier and fitter you but once I joined mind and body it was something I knew I wouldn't regret! Ellen made me feel comfortable and confident in my new surroundings understanding my goals and pushing me to my limits to reach them. There has been no going back from the first session with mind and body, it has become part of me and an obsession I never want to end! "

Jess W

"I decided to try Mind and Body Performance following a friends recommendation. She had only been to a few sessions at the time but spoke so highly of Ellen and the wonderful space she had created. I genuinely wish I had discovered this gym sooner. There is such a welcoming and positive atmosphere, where you constantly feel encouraged and supported by Ellen and the other girls in the class. I love that this gym is so personable, a place where you won’t become lost in the crowd. The fact that I was sent a message, seeing how I was after my first class, just shows the level of care and commitment Ellen has for those who attend M&BP. After a month, I feel happier in myself and as though I’ve become a part of something so great. I recommend M&BP to anyone wanting to make a positive change in their life!"

Gem H

"Starting was life changing for me. 
Not only is Ellen a fantastic physical coach, she totally gets the mental aspect as well. Training is now an essential part of my total well being and I can thank Ellen for that. 
I can’t recommend MBPN highly enough!!!"

Belinda M.

"Mind Body Performance isn’t just a gym or a lifestyle, we’re a little family! Meeting El has been a total game changer! Until I met Ellen, gyms intimidated the life out of me but now I am motivated, encouraged and excited before each session! If you’re looking for a gym where you’ll laugh as much as you sweat, learn ‘why’ while you progress, have a trainer who is real and judgement free and meet the greatest, funniest and most supportive bunch of women you could possibly imagine, then this is the place for you!"

Emma D

"Super lucky and blessed to have found this gym of amazing women.
Never have I trained in such an empowering, supportive and simply incredible environment filled with respect for everyone's abilities!"

Laura S.

"Ellen has created a beautiful space to train not only your body but your mind also. There are amazing people and trainers who genuinely care about each individuals health and well being, amazing support network and a variety of options to suit everyone. If your ready to give back to your self Mind and Body performance can help!"

Alaura R.

"Only not long joined and it is the best decision I have made! Friendly people, a wonderful environment and amazing trainers that make it a great gym. It's always a great workout and by knowledgeable trainers that know their stuff!"

Carley R.

"I have only just begun this journey, and already I have gained so much new knowledge that I hope to keep building on. Ellen's guidance and patience with everyone is admirable and her willingness to work with people at all different levels just shows how committed and passionate she is. MBM  have a lot of to offer and I can’t wait to keep this journey going."

Anastasia F.

"Joining MBM is one of the best decisions I have ever made! Ellen is one of the most passionate and supportive humans I’ve ever met. Her constant encouragement inspires us all to be the best we can be. Meeting so many amazing women who support and encourage each other is definitely one of the greatest parts of all."

Abbey S.

"Ellen and her gym are perfect for people like me. I don’t enjoy exercise. I don’t do well with strict routine because my life is just so crazy and I get tired. Over the years I’ve wasted money on gym memberships, but I’d never go. But something wild is going on here - I actually go to Ellen’s classes and I love it! Why? Ellen is non-judgemental, classes are girls-only and are tailored to each individual, the other members are friendly and encouraging, and how good is the no joining fee/pay per week/choice of membership levels/no cancellation fees! Seriously - joining a gym and making a commitment to improve your health and fitness is a big thing. But if I can commit and love this gym, anyone can!"

Nat V.

"Ellen will challenge you and draw the absolute best out of you- you will find yourself setting goals and achieving things you hadn’t thought possible.
I can’t recommend this space enough!"

Michelle B

"I could not feel more connected, supported and challenged than I do training with El and the MBP crew. El’s care, teaching and expertise shows and is not bound to solely training. MBP is more holistic than that!
It is exactly what I set out to find almost a year ago & I’m so glad I did!"

Anna C.

"Mind & Body Performance is the perfect name for this business because each of these elements are focused on. Such a wonderful location and positive environment to be part of. Ellen’s passion and knowledge is shown in each training session and she is so good at catering to everyone’s needs and ability. Feel so privileged to be part of the MBPN team!!"

Hannah W.

"This space Ellen has created is INCREDIBLE. If you're looking for somewhere to make changes to not only your body but your mind also, and in a place that isn't as daunting as a gym, this is 100% the place for you!!"

Sinead T.

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"Whats right is what works"

~Ellen Travassaros