Group Training

Semi-Private Strength & Conditioning Classes For Women 

Our group training service is designed to honour the needs of a woman's body while simultaneously building her up mentally. 

"The humanness and contact is what really makes this gym a special place."


We work off a timetable structure with each class a program-based strength & conditioning workout for all levels. 

You'll lift weights, build strength & muscle, track your progress, build on your fitness, and stand in support of yourself and all the women alongside you.

Each day we turn our focus towards performance and mental resilience.

We start each class as a team, warming up together and then you'll move through the session at an individual pace following your unique program.

Our coaches teach and breakdown each exercise and travel around the gym making rounds to each and every woman to check-in, support technique, and give more specific advice for their progress, and to discuss any injuries, limitations, regressions (better-suited options for your body), and progressions (options for you to improve and progress relative to your goals and performance). 

Our classes are a personal training session in a group environment. You will be seen, heard and supported in every sense of the word.


Each day we focus on specific body parts, movements patterns and training modalities. We write, print and provide your strength & conditioning programs in each and every class, following a Monday-Saturday model as outlined below.


You'll keep a folder in the gym which holds your training programs for each class to track and make note of your progress. Your coaches use these programs to help you navigate your progress.  

Our programs vary in 'hardness' and all begin with teaching you the basics so you can progress and build off a safe and strong foundation.

You'll work on your lower body program.

You'll work on your upper body program.


You'll work on your lower body program.

You'll pick either your upper or lower body program or a combination of both pending how many classes you have attended.


We are closed on Friday for a rest day. We encourage our ladies to use this time for stretching, yin yoga, walks in nature and meditation & mindful practices. From July 2020 you'll see Stretch & Meditation classes on our regular timetable below. 


Saturdays we focus on Conditioning (a fancy word for cardiovascular fitness) and combine a variety of mobility and full-body movements. This workout changes each week to add variety and is not a program that you will receive and follow in the gym.



The nature of our program-based training and educational community means you're seen and supported as an individual.


We can work with and around your pain, injuries and limitations by changing your program and teaching you new and different movements to support your body while it's healing. We do this in class. 

It's normal to see our ladies doing very different things to one another as they honour their starting points and rehabilitation. 

Sustaining an injury, fear of injury, and/or nursing a current injury can be part of your journey in our group training classes. If you get injured at home or while outside of the gym, your journey with us (in most cases) can continue.

When you register for your membership you'll answer a series of in-depth questions regarding any injuries, pain, limitations and medical & training history. 

Specific medical conditions and/or injuries (such as an ACL tear) might be better suited to an interim Personal Training journey where prehab and rehab can occur intimately. You can complete the form below or contact us if you need help making an educated decision. 

If you're new to strength & conditioning or returning to exercise after an extended time off, our group training classes will honour you through our program-based training. Our coaches respect your starting point and will do everything they can to support you and help build your confidence.



From January 2021 our Friday classes will be back!

Group Training Timetable


Our group training memberships include access to all classes, your individual training programs, our online sisterhood community (a Facebook group), events, nutrition mission & challenges, workshops and an all-female community.

Our Part-Time Membership includes 3 of any class from the timetable above and is a great starting place for you to find your rhythm. This membership is $44 per week. 

Our Full-Time Membership includes unlimited classes and is designed to help you create a lifestyle out of your training, health and wellness. This membership is $49 per week.

You can upgrade, downgrade, hold and cancel your membership at any time and your membership payments occur as a weekly direct debit on a day of your choice. 

Downgrading, holding and cancelling your membership is done via email to our membership queen with a required 3-weeks notice. 

It's not unusual for us to get together for movie nights, beach swims, coffee & breaky dates, and outdoor nature walks & hikes. Many of our ladies have formed beautiful friendships and spend time together outside of the gym.

Our sisterhood is a safe container to be yourself and have your experience with immense support and celebration. 

We are always posting videos, sharing recipes, and teaching about nutrition, the body, women's cycles & hormones, performance, recovery, supplements and anything & everything mindset, resilience, emotions, confidence, body celebration, and empowerment.

We have close relationships with many allied health professionals in holistic health, acupuncture, physiotherapy, chiropractic and sports nutrition & supplementation, and we call upon them from time to time to share and support you on your journey also. 

"MBPN is the space that made me re-fall in love with not only training but myself."

Getting Started

With Group Training

 If you're seeking a space to fall in love with your training again, set and achieve new goals, and work alongside likeminded women in full support of your journey, getting started is easy.

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This membership will help you begin with momentum and is a great starting point. 

You can upgrade your membership at any time. 


$44 per week




This membership will help you create a lifestyle out of your health & fitness journey while helping you achieve your goals quickly. You can downgrade your membership at any time (3-weeks notice required). 


$49 per week




This is our NEW introductory membership designed to support women in starting out at a lower cost and with the commitment of a 3-month contract. No changes can be made for the duration of the 3-month contract. No trickery. Please see terms here


$39 per week

"A beautiful community where heart, soul and body meet."

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