"I've never seen another place individualise as MBPN do. There is absolutely nowhere else I’d rather go."

Group Training

Semi-Private Classes For Women 

Our group training service is designed to honour the needs of a woman's body while simultaneously building her up mentally. 


We work off a timetable structure with each class a program-based strength & conditioning offering for all levels. 

You'll lift weights, build strength & muscle, track your progress, build on your fitness, and stand in support of all the women alongside you.

Each day we focus on specific body parts, movements patterns and training modalities, and turn our focus towards performance and training wins.

Your class starts out with a team warm-up led by your coach and a breakdown of your program.


Personal Training

Private Strength & Conditioning for Women

Our Personal training memberships offer the flexibility to train on your own schedule and is the driving force behind your commitment to turning it up a notch.

Our PT service is great for women of all levels including beginners, sportswomen & athletes, and women looking to move to the next level or needing a platform for rehab or injury support.

All of our PT services include access to unlimited group training (no additional cost), inclusivity in our community, and direct access & support with your coach. 

"Knowledgeable trainers who know their stuff!"

Heal Her

Our signature 9-Month Online Healing Program 

Facilitated by our founder, Ellen Travassaros (also known as The Holistic PT), this intimate program is for women who seek depth and to better understand their feelings, emotions, resistance, pleasure, lack and joy.


Now, more than ever, we are feeling called to reclaim our truth, stand in our power and reignite the woman beneath the layers of shame, blame, oppression, judgement and guilt. 


This is that time and Heal Her is your resource.

"I've never trained in such an empowering, supportive & simply incredible environment."

Events & Workshops

Performance Skills Labs, Holistic Health & Retreats

From social events, women's health seminars, glute workshops, wellness weekends, retreats and skills labs, we are always taking time to expose our members to new ways of connecting, thinking, learning and deepening. 

Our events and workshops are designed to broaden your knowledge and are offered in deep reverence of the opportunities available to us for growth & expansion.

All of our events and workshops are included as part of your membership and additional costs may apply.

"The coaches will challenge you & draw the absolute best out of you!"