Group Training | Personal Training | NLP & Psychosomatic Coaching



Our group training service is designed to honour the needs of a woman's body while simultaneously building her up physically & mentally. 


We work off a timetable structure with each class a program-based strength & conditioning workout.

Our programs are designed to include the foundations at every level with complete coach support every step of the way.


As you progress through our programs you will move onto more advanced training modalities such as a 1RM with your main lifts (strength testing), and power and speed training.  

Your progress and results are our main focus!

Every class starts with a team warm-up led by your coach, a complete breakdown of your program, and a sweaty metabolic finisher to support your heart and lungs!


Personal Training

Private Strength & Conditioning for Women

Our Personal training memberships are limited and through enquiry only.

Our PT service is suitable for all levels including beginners, sportswomen & athletes, and women who need a coach to facilitate rehab or injury prevention.

All of our PT memberships include access to our group classes on our timetable and personalised programming and support. 

Our head coach, Ellen, specialises in Strength training, sport-specific programming, injury prevention, mental health (Neurolinguistic Programming) and has a keen interest in working with women who compete in Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu including physical and mental performance. 

Our head coach, Amy, specialises in working with beginners, over 50's, and has a keen interest in working with women who play and/or compete in field sports. 


NLP & Psychosomatic Coaching

Facilitated by our founder, Ellen Travassaros (also known as The Holistic PT). Her work leads women back to themselves and is especially for those who seek depth, clarity & connection.

You can book a one-off session via Ellen's website here or contact us here to enquire further.