Personal Training

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Personal training is an extraordinary opportunity to lift the lid on what you desire to achieve, create and become, in regards to your health & fitness. 

Our beautiful coaches have a combined experience of over 10 years and will facilitate a journey like no other so you can thrive & succeed on every level.

You can expect a vision strategy session to create a 'birds-eye view' of your journey, fitness testing & baseline screening in order for your coach to formulate a training plan specifically for you, your starting point and your vision. This happens at your first session.

The guidance, direction and opportunity that naturally comes with having an expert in your corner, truly takes out the guesswork and puts you on the best possible path for success.

We've helped hundreds of women achieve incredible goals, and improve their overall approach to how they move, eat, lift & show up for what's important to them, time and time again. 




Getting Started


Your health &  fitness vision matters. 

Over the past 10 years, we've supported hundreds of women in achieving big, life-changing things such as;


- Walking up a set of stairs without pain or having to hold on for support (or stop to catch a breath);


- Rehabilitating acute & chronic (ongoing) injuries that have caused pain, restriction & limitation (usually working closely with their allied health professional); 


- Progressing onto 'the big bars' in the gym (improving their strength to a point of true & undeniable progress!); 

- Losing weight and re-establishing a vibrant relationship with food, exercise and their own self-worth;

- Feeling confident to manage their own training (this is HUGE, really think about this one...);

- Increase their 'big lifts' (deadlift, squat, bench) tenfold;


- And experiencing overflow in terms of their own capabilities, acquired knowledge, and love and support that comes with being part of a heart-led community. 

As you can see, the opportunities are limitless. And this is why we love personal training for any woman who wants more for herself and her health & fitness. 

In order for our coaches to truly assess how to best serve you as a personal training client, please book a time to speak with us directly via our online booking system below. 

We can schedule a time to meet in person and commence your strength, fitness & movement screening, and begin right away (for you go-getters), or simply answer any questions you have. 

Our personal training packages range in price and vary in length & commitment, which we'll discuss with you when we speak.


Rest assured that what we intend to offer you is a life-changing, all-inclusive opportunity that will undoubtedly put you on the quickest path to getting what you desire. 


The best way we can serve you right now is to speak with you directly. We'll help you explore an entry point that feels aligned and easy for you, and/or simply answer any questions you have.

Please book via our online booking system below, and we'll contact you!

If you experience any issues scheduling your call, please submit an online enquiry here.