12 week Nutrition MISSION

Nutrition Mindset & Fundamentals

Starts: Monday 17th February 2020

 mind & body performance presents 


To the beauty feeling overwhelmed by food and exercise...

I know you're out there and I see you.


It is an honour to facilitate this journey once again and to be the resource for you that I needed many years ago.


Our nutrition mission simply takes the hard and overwhelm (perfectionists, do you hear me!?) out of eating and exercising.

My primary focus for you is to remove the rules and cycles that keep you in patterns of feeling stuck and frustrated while offering the tools, permission and education to thrive as a result of shifting your energy away from these things.

This is nutrition, performance (exercise), and a myriad of additional elements that comprise wholesome living without constraints and it's SIMPLE.

Please go ahead and watch my video below to hear me break the journey down into bite-sized pieces for you. 

Keep scrolling for more information, love.

El x



A breath of fresh air, my friend. A journey that misses none of the integral steps critical to your health and happiness rise. Full immersion or online, all platforms are delivered in a clear, intricate and easy to follow way.


As a journey, not a pit-stop. 

The kind of weight loss that stays 'lost' and the mindset that becomes your conscious way of living, because you've practised the knowledge, tools and ways to best serve your mind & body.

C O U N S E L 

A lighthouse for you in finding your way through. 

The type of leadership that anchors you into the depth of your work and gives rise to your resilience and self-permission to make decisions and thrive.

Guidance, education, hustle and truckloads of unconditional support. 

Accountability and humans holding space for you in your biggest, brightest and darkest feats. 


On all fronts.

Ways to show up differently and recreate your thriving self. Ideas, rituals, solutions, foods list and alternatives, and daily practices giving rise to inspired and effective action.  

A    V O I C E

Offering up your mind and body a megaphone.

An invitation to receive and cultivate courage by teasing out the fears and judgements that have been stifling your light, alongside a community of others (reminder: you are not alone)....

Meaningful discussions because, deep down, you know that there is more to this work. You're seeking more from the entirety of your health, happiness and overall longevity.

You know being led is only one piece of the puzzle. It's time for you and your body to have a voice.  

T O G E T H E R N E S S 

Inherent inside our beautiful community.

A space in constant celebration of originality and connection; giving you the wiggle room and support to explore yourself and your goals. 

You'll begin show up for them, as much as you do yourself. 

O N E    S T O P 

No steps bypassed.

Acknowledgement and deep consideration to each of the integral pillars required for your progress and long-term happiness. A journey embodying life, nutrition, exercise, struggle, resilience, rising above, discipline, curiosity, and accountability.


'Ellen hasn't just created a gym, she has created a community and a haven for women

to learn, grow, laugh, and become their best self.

I'm so glad I joined MBPN and it is honestly the best decision I made in 2018.

Thank you Ellen - xo Shenae




information for you

Our 12-week nutrition mission...

The first thing you should know is there are no diets, calorie counting or the like on this journey. 

We built it with sustainability and simplicity in mind, and it embodies the elements that need our attention in order to begin, build and become a thriving human.

The content is built on years of experience and working with women who seek a way out of the nutrition-overwhelm-wormhole governed by rules and expectations.

We, your coaches, are what this challenge represents; Thriving human beings embodying a holistic lifestyle that gives rise to spectacular conversations, guidance, beautiful relationships and sustainability. 

So let us unpack this journey simply.

Our nutrition mission is a 12-week journey designed to lead you into a new relationship with yourself, your goals and your health in its entirety, for real, and for good.

We're serving up an all-encompassing nutrition-focused journey focusing on nutrition mindset, nutrition fundamentals, mental health, performance, weight loss and lifestyle.

It ticks no traditional check-boxes. There are no nutrition guides or calorie counting, so if you're after that, this is not for you. 

This is learning how to recognise and break your nutrition and lifestyle rules. We focus on mindset as a means for you to make decisions based on your very own intuition, and we offer you permission to do this in a really safe and educational space.

Most of all, this is SIMPLE.


Don't expect loads of info coming at you. You'll receive an audio training each week and physical or mental (or both) challenge each fortnight so you can practice what you're learning.


We'll jump in live (Facebook Group) and share additional insights and answer your questions, offer recipes and bonuses, and you'll work with all of our coaches closely through WhatsApp for daily support. 


We're excited to facilitate such a heart-inspired journey like you wouldn't believe! 

If you feel the pull to build a lifestyle guided by your intuition, join us by registering here or scroll down to see what else is up for grabs! 

how will this look?



We'll lead you through each pillar providing the tools, rituals, and education via audio training's, LIVE videos and content that you can plug into at any time. 

Pillar 1 | Nutrition Mindset & Fundamentals

We'll explore beliefs, ideas, and what you've been taught about nutrition and begin stripping back the rules and myths surrounding food and exercise. 

This is an empowering skill-set you'll carry with you for the rest of your life. We breakdown nutrition fundamentals and how to use food as a source of energy and vitality (mentally & physically).

Pillar 2 | Hydration 

A Water Jug

Expect tools to help you recreate ways to show up for your body & it's hydration. We'll dive into liquids including alcohol and set some beautiful intentions and challenges around supporting your body this way.

Natural Beauty

Pillar 3 | Hormones & Intuition

It's more simple than you think.

This pillar is powerful and will help you support yourself and better understand your body and it's internal navigation system. This topic includes periods, PMS, tracking hormones, and recalibrating your understanding of how your hormones work with your body (or against it). 

Happy Teens

We'll teach you how to move into the energy of inspiration without guilt, blame or shame. We'll give you permission to input self-care as a priority and explain why this is not only important for your health but your freedom.

Pillar 4 | Rest, Self-Care & Happiness


Pillar 5 | Exercise & Recovery

We'll explore different training types including how to optimise your exercise with less overwhelm and perfectionism. The different modalities and results they offer. Recovery and its role in achieving results or not. 

Pillar 6 | Mindset & Sustainability

An audacious pillar designed to explore how you really want to feel, and outlay ways to become the woman who embodies this.

Expect ways to recreate yourself and navigate the choices you feel compelled to make. We'll explore how to show up differently and the importance of language, setting boundaries, and moving closer to yourself in order to absolutely thrive. 

Bottles of Homeopathy Globules

Pillar 7 | Environment

Challengers before you have spoken about the struggles of creating boundaries within their work, family, and friend circles.

We'll dive into the work that makes this less anxiety-provoking 

they've been there


healthier, happier & wiser


I began weighing in at a yucky 117.(something) weight. I felt horrible on the inside, but always kept up the smile on the outside. But I was killing myself with my unhealthy lifestyle.

So with the wonderful support, caring and understanding from my fantastic PT Ellen (whom has this amazing passion and knowledge of fitness by the way!) has helped me get this far... Down to 110kg and we still counting!!

I really enjoy eating clean now and I gush at complements over my skin often... 

I have not felt this strong in such a long time. Thank you Ellen. I am so very grateful!!


At the start of my challenge I made a goal to be confident with how I felt about my body. I didn't have any confidence mentally and was self-conscious constantly. 

The past 8 weeks I've lived in my cozzies - goal! 

And have not thought once about what others think.

I wish I started with you when I started Medicine. It's helped not only my self-confidence but when it comes to study, I have so much more concentration.


Sinead is brewing her story for you babes... watch this space. 


Our beautiful girl Ashleigh has a story that will simply take your breath away.

Read it here.

"Back again for a second year!

Such a powerful experience and valuable tools to have in your back pocket!


- Toni

"Such a comprehensive and empowering program of change for women at all levels.

Ellen & Mads know how to get the best out of each session & their vibe and passion for educating will see you through such a positive and challenging experience.

It was that for me!"

- Anna

"This mission is something you can take with you for the rest of your life! I learnt so much about nutrition and my body through this 12-week process and smashed my goals! "


- Chels

"It was a game-changer.

It helped with the way I look at nutrition, and movement along with other things.
Ellen is so supportive and giving of her time and knowledge about nutrition and making sure that you are just as focused on your mind and wellbeing as you are on your physical health." 


- Han

"El is a brilliant trainer.

Her dedication and commitment to each individual and the group as a whole is beyond comparison. From the moment you walk through the door you feel welcomed.

The training and knowledge provided is detailed and tailored to your needs.

If you are looking for a way to kickstart a new way of looking after yourself, training with El is the place to do it."

- Carrie

"It stopped my "dieting" cycle"

- Bel

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12 x weekly payments of $12

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Access to Ellen and the coaches, your audio training's, resources and support sisters will be via google drive, WhatsApp and/or your private Nutrition Mission Facebook Group.

Access will be provided within 48 hours of registration

(if not sooner). 

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1 x payment of $99 (registration fee) +

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Join us in the gym!

Your in-person experience includes periodised training programs and access to our gym-home for the duration of your Nutrition Mission.

Access to the journey will be provided within 48 hours of your registration.

Our part-time membership is $44/wk including 3 x classes.

Our full-time membership is $49/wk included unlimited classes.

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12 Week Nutrition Mission

Terms & Conditions

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Cancellation Policy

We do not currently offer a cancellation option.

This is a mutual contract and we are committed to creating and holding a space for you to experience this journey, and you are committed your participation.

Your financial commitment here is a reflection of where you want your mind and body to be. This investment allows and encourages you to show up wholeheartedly.

If you decide to discontinue, you are still legally responsible for paying the balance.

Please consider your purchase as there are no refunds, holds or cancellations for the duration of the 12-week journey, once you have registered.