Chantelle's Story

~ Losing 93.9 kilos and the woman she became along the way!


joined June 2019.

"At my heaviest, I was 179.9kgs.

I remember waking up one night gasping for air because my chest and chins were choking me while I slept, despite already being propped up by 3 pillows. I remember thinking, I need to something or I won't be around much longer to see my son grow up.


That night I jumped on the treadmill to manage only 13 minutes before my back hurt so much I had to stop.


This was a normal occurrence in my life, being out of breath and having to stop regularly because my knees and back were hurting so bad - grocery shopping and simply walking too and from the car.

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I loved to travel so I would put up with the embarrassment of asking for seatbelt extensions on flights. I would travel to amazing destinations like Hawaii, and not even go in the water due to being anxious about falling down and I not being able to get back up without assistance.


I eventually knew I needed more help and support so my journey began with a dietitian who pointed me in the right direction, who I still see to this day.


I pushed myself to start walking, but it was too painful so I started doing aqua aerobics for a few months. After losing a little weight I eventually built up to walking 5-10kms a day!

'My biggest piece of advice for anyone feeling afraid or stuck - never be afraid to ask for help or support. It might be the thing that completely changes your life.'

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I set myself a goal to get to 100kg by my birthday, April 2019 and go parasailing, WHICH I ACHIEVED!!


It felt absolutely amazing! I was so proud of myself! I went on to do all the water activities that day and it was the most jam-packed 5 days of quad biking, giant swings, white water rafting and seeing and doing whatever I wanted without fear of not fitting in or being strong enough. I even did the 1,000 steps to a spectacular waterfall (I nearly died on the way back up but I did it!)!


I finally had faith in myself and believed I could and would try anything.

For the past 2 months I've been training with this amazing Wonderwoman we all know as Ellen who has helped me build strength in record time and shed another 9kgs!


Before finding MindBody Performance I tried so many other PTs, boot-camps, and DVDs only to find I was getting dizzy and nauseous within minutes of the workout.


I am so blessed to have met El. I now I train with her 2x a week with no issues and she is absolute heaven-sent as I really wanted to challenge myself.

Now 19 months later I'm 86kgs and heading to Thailand in a couple of weeks to have skin removal done on my upper body.


The journey hasn't been an easy one and I'd sometimes go whole weeks here and there eating all of my son's school snacks and junk food, but knowing I had those dietitian appointments every month it would kick me back into health mode again.

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It is doable if you get your mind right. We all fall down sometimes and we all have setbacks, but as long as we never quit on ourselves we can achieve anything.


My biggest piece of advice for anyone feeling afraid or stuck - never be afraid to ask for help or support. It might be the thing that completely changes your life.


~ Chantelle xx

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joined September 2018.

'From 83.8kgs to 68.8kgs...'


In early 2017 I had been travelling through South East Asia for 3 months when suddenly I became very ill. I very quickly learnt that I had suffered from a pulmonary embolism which resulted in me having 7 large blood clots etched into my right lung. There was a short moment of time at this stage where doctors informed me and my family that we needed to ‘prepare ourselves’ because 7 blood clots to the lung tends to be quite a serious thing. But I bounced back! And then I had one hell of a journey to follow. 

Initially, I spent 7 months in hospital, 1 year in rehab and 1.5 years on the most insane amount of medication (I'm talking about one of those large Ziplock size bags full of meds).