~ These are the stories of the women with whom we have had the privilege to work alongside.

Their stories are a powerful reminder of how capable we are when we act.

We hope you find possibility, courage and a willingness to begin.

~ from 179.9kg to 86kg & thriving!


joined June 2019.

"At my heaviest, I was 179.9kgs.

I remember waking up one night gasping for air because my chest and chins were choking me while I slept, despite already being propped up by 3 pillows. I remember thinking, I need to something or I won't be around much longer to see my son grow up.


That night I jumped on the treadmill to manage only 13 minutes before my back hurt so much I had to stop.


This was a normal occurrence in my life, being out of breath and having to stop regularly because my knees and back were hurting so bad - grocery shopping and simply walking too and from the car.

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~ 7-months in hospital to strong & happy!



joined September 2018.

'From 83.8kgs to 68.8kgs...' 


In early 2017 I had been travelling through South East Asia for 3 months when suddenly I became very ill. I very quickly learnt that I had suffered from a pulmonary embolism which resulted in me having 7 large blood clots etched into my right lung. There was a short moment of time at this stage where doctors informed me and my family that we needed to ‘prepare ourselves’ because 7 blood clots to the lung tends to be quite a serious thing. But I bounced back! And then I had one hell of a journey to follow. 

Initially, I spent 7 months in hospital, 1 year in rehab and 1.5 years on the most insane amount of medication (I'm talking about one of those large Ziplock size bags full of meds).

~ A hole in her heart and thriving!

More 'Her Stories' ~ In Production

MEL, 37

joined August 2019.

'I felt defeated, I was feeling at my lowest.'

My mind wasn’t in a good space and I stopped eating well. My go-to stress reliever was wine. The 4 months that followed, I had put on another 5kgs and for the first time in my life, my GP told me I was overweight.

As much as I joked about it at the time, it really hit me hard to hear someone say that. Never in my life had I a been labelled that.  Something had to give. I had to get out of this low mindset I was in. I just couldn’t get motivated to go back to the gym though.

I stumbled across MBPN and made an appointment with Ellen. From that first meeting, I knew I had found my people. I could see how genuine Ellen was to help, so I quickly signed up and was excited to begin. Best decision I ever made!