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Founder | The Holistic PT

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Voted #4 Personal Trainer in Newcastle!

My name is Ellen, also known as The Holistic PT.

I am a deep thinker and feeler. I write and record beautiful words on the Holistic PT Podcast, and I teach women to move from head to heart and reclaim themselves. 


I also lead upcoming coaches and founded Mind & Body Performance Newcastle.

Witnessing a woman realise how worthy and powerful she is, and feel it in her body and see it in her eyes. Gosh, I live for those moments!

Now, more than ever, we are feeling called to reclaim our truth, stand in our power and reignite the woman beneath the layers of shame, blame, guilt, oppression and trauma. 

Best Persoal Trainer in Newcatle

I've devoted the last decade to creating programs, spaces and resources for women from all parts of the world to opt-in and begin their healing work in safe community.  

In January of 2019, I began my Jui-Jitsu journey and competed in my first competition in December, 11 months later. I walked away with 2 silver medals, 4 wins out of 6 fights, 3 takedowns and 2 by submissions by guillotine choke.

Standing on the podium holding 2 silver medals was one of the highlights of my life. I grew up a completely different woman to the woman I am today, and I have such reverence for the journey I've taken and take others on because of this.

You can get to know me and what I offer to the world in great depth over on my podcast or on my website.


And if you're in Newcastle and eager to begin in a gym-home that encompasses performance and mindset and healing, join us by getting started here.  


soul food for your mind & body.