Creator of Positive Change | Personal Trainer

No matter how experienced or un-experienced you are, how much or even how little you know in the gym MindBody is definitely the place for you. This space isn’t just another women's gym. It's a space that welcomes all ladies at all stages of their life and fitness journeys. You might be a little hesitant because you might not have much of an idea, or you might already be well on track to building a stronger healthier you, either way you are our people and this space is for you. 


Hey I'm Amy and this is a little bit about me.


I'm loud, I’m a little crazy and I’ve never felt more at home and more accepted than I did the day I walked through the doors of MindBody.


Before finding this space I was the girl that would go to the gym for 2 hours and only do cardio, I thought that weights would make me bulky and nutrition wasn’t even on my radar. Fast forward 12 months and that girl is nowhere to be seen. I’m Lifting heavy, pushing myself beyond any limits I thought were possible smashing out goals I never thought I would achieve. I'm stronger mentally, physically and now I'm training to be able to help babes like you reading this to do the same.


Showing up is half the battle, but I promise once you are here you will have an army fighting beside you every step of the way.

Coach AC x