Coach El

Founder | Strength & Conditioning Coach |Healer

I live for those moments when a woman becomes curious about her worth and her inner power.

And when she agrees to channel her curiosity into her mind and body, we take a mind-blowing journey together. 


I've spent the past decade building a space dedicated to evolving the minds of women while simultaneously developing their physical strength and performance. 

Our home combines healing, community and next-level coaching and offers resilience, growth and strength in varying forms. 

I am so passionate about this work and if you're passionate about getting started, we'll make a great team!

"An intimate space for women at any stage of their physical, emotional and spiritual journal."

Coach Mads

Head Coach

This is for the women out there contemplating a new health & fitness journey.

Take the opportunity to have someone on your side until you learn to back yourself with confidence and courage.

A space like ours can absolutely do that for you!
This is your time to take back your life.

"A space for growth and self-development surrounded by a team of powerful women."

Coach Karls

Admin Queen | Coach

Feeling a little stuck? Thats ok.

Feeling a little nervous? Thats ok too.

Unsure if this journey is for you? Thats normal. 

Unsure if this is the right place for you?

If our stories resonate with you, then you have landed exactly where you are meant to be. Trust that we are here to support you with exactly what you need right now.

"A place for all women seeking mental and physical growth in a supportive environment."

Coach Amz


No matter how experienced or un-experienced you are, how much or even how little you know in the gym, MindBody is definitely the place for you.

This space isn’t just another women's gym.


It's a space that welcomes all ladies at all stages of their life and fitness journeys.


You might be new or already on track to building a stronger healthier you, either way, you are our people and this space is for you.

"A place where physical performance meets personal growth."