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Voted #4 Personal Trainer in Newcastle!

My story is about a girl crippled with anxiety & fear.
A girl without a backbone.
A girl who people-pleased for acceptance.
A girl who never knew her own inner strength and power.
A girl who was lost.
A girl who settled.
A girl who controlled everything and everyone around her.
A girl who loved fiercely and carelessly.
A girl who knew nothing of boundaries.
A girl who criticised.
A girl who numbed.
A girl who ran.
A girl who couldn't be alone.
A girl who couldn't meditate. 
A girl who couldn't decide. 
A girl who couldn't make friends.
A girl who judged. 
A girl who overcame it all.

And that girl is me.


My life journey has instilled in me a deep respect for those still finding their way. I'm really interested in not only helping women move from A to B but from B to building a lifestyle that is felt like freedom. 

Witnessing a woman realise how worthy and powerful she is, and feel it in her body and see it in her eyes. Gosh, I live for those moments!

I never thought I'd be here writing these words on a website I built from scratch for a business that I almost never started (because I was scared).

So I know how hard it is to believe that what you want is actually achievable. I know how hard it is to convince yourself that this time it will be different. 

I'm here to tell you it is and that it will be.

You're going to fail and fall down a lot, but you must be more interested in getting back up. ​


Here's what they want you to know.

"Starting was life changing for me. 
Not only is Ellen a fantastic physical coach, she totally gets the mental aspect as well. Training is now an essential part of my total well being and I can thank Ellen for that. 
I can’t recommend MBPN highly enough!!!"

Belinda M.

"Joining Ellen has been without a doubt the most significant and life changing decision I have made to date. I didn't expect that I would be joining a group of women who would so quickly become my Newcastle family. I have never seen another place individualise the way MBPN do. There is absolutely no where else I’d rather go"

Rebecca B.

"This space Ellen has created is INCREDIBLE. If you're looking for somewhere to make changes to not only your body but your mind also, and in a place that isn't as daunting as a gym, this is 100% the place for you!!"

Sinead T.

"Ellen has created a beautiful space to train not only your body but your mind also. There are amazing people and trainers who genuinely care about each individuals health and well being, amazing support network and a variety of options to suit everyone. If your ready to give back to your self Mind and Body performance can help!"

Alaura R.

"Only not long joined and it is the best decision I have made! Friendly people, a wonderful environment and amazing trainers that make it a great gym. It's always a great workout and by knowledgeable trainers that know their stuff!"

Carley R.

"Super lucky and blessed to have found this gym of amazing women.
Never have I trained in such an empowering, supportive and simply incredible environment filled with respect for everyone's abilities!"

Laura S.

"Since joining I have never looked back. I’ve always had gym memberships but lacked motivation to go but with MBM I hate missing a day and it’s the most consistent I’ve ever been in my life. It’s the most amazing supportive environment in terms of the people you train with and the people training you.  Joining two years ago was the best thing I’ve ever done!!"

Jessica M.

"I have only just begun this journey, and already I have gained so much new knowledge that I hope to keep building on. Ellen's guidance and patience with everyone is admirable and her willingness to work with people at all different levels just shows how committed and passionate she is. MBM  have a lot of to offer and I can’t wait to keep this journey going."

Anastasia F.

"Joining MBM is one of the best decisions I have ever made! Ellen is one of the most passionate and supportive humans I’ve ever met. Her constant encouragement inspires us all to be the best we can be. Meeting so many amazing women who support and encourage each other is definitely one of the greatest parts of all."

Abbey S.

"Ellen will challenge you and draw the absolute best out of you- you will find yourself setting goals and achieving things you hadn’t thought possible.
I can’t recommend this space enough!"

Michelle B

Unit 1, 8 Pennant St, Cardiff NSW 2285, Australia

0431 577 869