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Frequently asked questions

I haven't exercised in a long time. Where should I start?

Don't let this deter you lovely. You do not need any experience to train with us or in our classes! If you're feeling especially overwhelmed, consider our 6-week starter program. Alternatively, our 7-day discovery trial pass is a nice place to begin!

How do you manage new people in your classes?

With ease and clarity. You'll feel right at home as our coaches take you through the entire class, supporting your every move. When we work with women who have little experience or are new to the gym environment, we give you our level 1 program and walk you through each movement to ensure you are safe and getting a great workout! We will adapt and mould to your experience and how you're feeling. A challenge will always be available, as will alternatives and regressions to help you get through the workouts without any injuries or worry!

Are all classes women only?

They sure are! Each class is run by female coaches, and are designed to help women build strength and fitness safely and with impact!

What should I bring to my first class?

H20 and a sweat towel! We have showers at the ready for our ladies who have important places to be! You'll need to bring your own towel if you need to shower after class! We provide the most beautiful organic body wash so you don't need to worry about that!

Which day will my membership payment come out?

The same day you registered! If you registered in person or online on a Monday, your payment will come out each Monday until you cancel your membership! And yes, you can change this if you need to! Your first payment will be debited from your nominated credit or debit card upon registration. We currently only offer weekly payments at this time.

Can I hold my membership (and how)?

Of course! You can hold your membership at any time, provided you send an email with three (3) weeks notice! Simply send an email to ellen@mindbodynewcastle.com.au with the dates you would like to hold your membership! See our terms and conditions here for details and additional information.

I have experience in the gym, will your classes challenge me?

We guarentee it! There's always another level and we have the most incredible tools, exercises and coaching techniques to take you there!

Can I cancel my membership at any time (and how)?

Of course! You can cancel your membership at any time without any cost, provided you send an email with three (3) weeks notice! Simply send an email to ellen@mindbodynewcastle.com.au with the date you would like to cancel your membership! See our terms and conditions here for exact details and additional information.

What type of training do you in your classes?

Strength & Conditioning! All of our classes are semi-private (15 ladies maximum) and will help you build strength and amazing fitness! Our training is flexible for bodies with limitations and injuries. Class Schedule (see our timetable here); - Monday | Conditioning - Tuesday | Upper Body & Core - Wednesday | Legs & Glutes - Thursday | Upper Body & Core - Friday | Workout of The Month - Saturday | Strength & Conditioning | Skills Lab* Ladies Performance; Max. Occupancy: 12 | Duration: 60 Minutes A semi-private strength & conditioning class designed to strengthen, tone and achieve safe, quality & progressive results. Conditioning; Max. Occupancy: 15 | Duration: 45 Minutes Semi-private fitness-based training designed to challenge and build your aerobic and anaerobic fitness, while expending loads of energy! Workout of The Month; Max. Occupancy: 15 | Duration: 45 Minutes Typically a combination of strength and cardio-based training completed as a team, designed to add a great challenge, tons of variety and a little FUN into your training week! Strength & Conditioning; Max. Occupancy: 15 | Duration: 45 Minutes A combination of strength and cardio-based training designed to challenge your body and help you reach your health & fitness goals! Skills Lab; Max. Occupancy: 15 | Duration: 45-90 Minutes Skills-based workshops dedicated to helping our members and clients improve their technique, progress in their movements and advance to new exercise and higher levels of training!