connecting women to powerful results.

1/8 Pennant Street Cardiff.

Hello beautiful people!

Just a friendly note to advise our gym is partially OPEN, and officially reopening at it's full capacity on 15th December 2021 (unless advised otherwise).

For the interim, our home is operating at 'partial' capacity, offering 1:1 personal training sessions & small group training classes with our coaches present at all times.

You'll have the option to participate in our classes in an indoor or outdoor setting to help you feel confident with returning to your training safely!

Our 10 class pass has been a great option for so many new ladies right now. You can grab yours here.

Supporting our community (including you) with their health, movement, and overall wellness, especially right now, is our mission! And we'd love nothing more than to hear from you via the contact form at the bottom of this page. 

Big love,
Coach El, Amz & Toni xx

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Mind & Body Performance is a gym-space dedicated to women seeking community and powerful results. 
We combine physical strength & fitness with mindfulness and personal development and offer multi-layered (and empowered) training & leadership. 
Within our home, you'll find purpose, direction and a million reasons to celebrate yourself and the women around you. 

Mind & Body Performance was established in July 2014 with a vision to empower, educate and inspire women through movement, community and growth. 

 "You'll find yourself setting goals & achieving things you hadn’t thought possible."

My happy place was in the pool. I was comfortable and confident knowing what each session required mentally and physically. 

Having to take a break from this world left me lost, jumping from trainers and gyms trying to find my happy place again. 
From the moment Amy showed me around, to the first session where I was welcomed in by such a wonderful group of women, I finally felt like I could fit.

El & Amy both respect each person individually and have created an environment that is unlike any other. 

I feel supported, driven, and I finish each session inspired and invigortated.

I finally found a place I fit. 

Thank you both so much. I may complain and swear during class, but I love every minute. 

D xx

Our Promise To You

We are excited and passionate coaches!

It is our intention to give every woman who enters our home a place to feel safe, confident and seen. 

We are passionate about offering women purpose, direction and guidance in every aspect of their health and fitness including their training, nutrition, mindset and various additional lifestyle elements (resilience, sleep, life strategies, decision-making, self-celebration etc). 

We share our experiences openly and offer our members a safe place to move, feel, ask questions, and connect with themselves and each other.

Our training comprises small-group strength & conditioning that is periodized and programmed for each class (and individual) and offers a results-based approach to movement.

We work with and support all women and encourage flexibility and self-paced training to ensure they get the most out of their training. 

Our approach has enabled women to achieve powerful results physically and internally, including building self-trust and self-belief in their body and their capabilities.

We value education and spend a significant amount of time teaching correct movement patterns, correct lifting techniques, and all the things in between (how to read a program, breathing, pace, how to choose the right weight to lift, recovery strategies etc). 

Our coaches are excited and passionate about their work and will always give you the support you need, even if you're unsure how to ask for it. 

It is our promise to you that we will provide you with the most incredible experience, and more importantly, the opportunity to find a permanent gym home. 

Please connect with us via the contact form below. We'd love to get to know you!

Coach Ellen & Amy xx