Mind & Body Performance Newcastle

Women's Group Fitness, Personal Training, Outdoor Bootcamp, Yoga, Mindfulness & Psychosomatic Coaching



Hi there, beautiful human. 

We're so excited you're here. Our space in Cardiff truly is something special! 


Whether you're determined to start anew, lift the lid on your health & fitness vision, or journey with your mindset - we are passionate about meeting you exactly where you are. 

Inside our home, you'll find a blend of Personal Training, Strength & Conditioning, Small Group Fitness, Yoga, Outdoor Bootcamps & a series of Mindset & Somatic Coaching.  


Our passion lies in generously bringing a multi-layered approach to health & fitness including the fire, flexibility, expertise, grit, and ease & structure that allows our members to receive maximal impact on a physical, mental, and heart level.

Purpose, community, direction & the opportunity to surround yourself with like-minded humans, are also some of the beautiful ripple effects of walking through our doors.

If you have a health & fitness goal or desire to create positive change in your life, the best way we can serve you is to speak with you directly or have you reach out below.


We'll help you design an entry point that feels aligned and easy for you, and/or simply answer any questions you have about embracing one or many of the opportunities available.  

Please book via our online booking system, and we can't wait to hear more about you!

Your MindBody Coaches,

Ellen, Amy & Toni x

Who we are, really...

We are a team of heart-led, excited & passionate human beings who live for the impact our work has on the women who enter our home. 


Here's what you can expect from us;

1. We promise to meet you where you are and adapt the MindBody spirit to your Health & Fitness vision, no matter where you're starting from. 

2. We promise to remain aligned to our personal values of integrity, connection, & transparency to bring you an authentic and inspiring experience.

3. We promise to hold space for you and your journey, and provide a safe & nourishing environment that allows you to feel seen & heard. This is especially important to us.


4. We promise to consistently offer opportunities & experiences to help you expand your potential, knowledge, skill-sets and, optimise your training, nutrition, mindset and overall health & well-being. 


5. We promise to honour your health & fitness vision and walk you back to what's important to you in ways that feel inspiring, powerful & full of possibility. 

6. We promise to pay attention to what our home needs in order to give you the best possible experiences, time after time. 

If this feels like something yummy to you, schedule a chat with us online here or click 'get started' below and we'll step you through joining our home with ease, flexibility & purpose. 


Meet Hannah...

For all enquiries, please schedule a time to chat via our online booking system here.